Technology keeps on advancing and it is becoming very essential in our lives. People make use of it every day to improve on the way they accomplish specific tasks, and this is making them look smarter. It is being used in various sectors for example, the way we use technology in classrooms to improve the learning methods of students and to make the teachers’ job easier. Today’s learners now enjoy easier, more efficient access to information; opportunities for extended and mobile learning; the ability to give and receive immediate feedback; and greater motivation to learn and engage.

Keeping ourselves up with the modern world, complete digitalization of the school was undertaken which transformed the entire school chores channel through the information technology, bringing in more transparency and enhanced communication with parents and community. Having the school completely digitalized has numerous advantages to the parents, teachers and the school itself.

Our school software provides the access for parents to have their children’s Daily Attendance, Fee Status, Periodic Results, School Circulars, News etc. through the SCHOOL APP on Android and Apple mobiles and through the WEB PORTAL. Parents and teachers have been brought closer as this software provides a direct upload of the daily homework on the online portal parallel to what is given in the classroom, so that parents too are apprised of the daily homework given in classroom and the same can be enforced at the parents’ too. As a new endeavour, we took a giant leap in the examination procedure by replacing the conventional regime of manually prepared Report-cards by the teachers with computer generated Report-cards. This transformation minimizes the efforts of the teachers to manually fill in the Report cards all by themselves.