1. When I and my son visit a boarding school what should I consider: the infrastructure or academics or both?
  2. Ans:  Both infrastructure and academic facilities.
  3. What advantages can boarding school offer parents looking to send their daughter or son?
  4. Ans: Best infrastructural facilities, midst of scenic environment and learning space for overall development of the student.
  5. Will the day boarder students get enough opportunities in sports and extra-curricular activities?
  6. Ans: Yes, they will get enough opportunities in sports and extra-curricular activities.
  7. What is the procedure for admission to boarding school?
  8. Ans: Both online and offline school prospectus along with application form are enclosed in the school website. For further information one can visit school campus.
  9. Do you provide non-vegetarian food?
  10. Ans: No, pure vegetarian food is served.
  11. What about the children who do not eat properly?
  12. Ans: We monitor such students and guide them regularly.
  13. What about laundry?
  14. Ans: Laundry facility is there.
  15. In what way is your school different from other schools?
  16. Ans:  Our school is based on Gurukula Education system.
  17. Where is the school located and how to reach?
  18. Ans: Visit our school website’s, Contact Us.
  19. Which educational body is your school affiliated to?
  20. Ans: Our school is affiliated to Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi.
  21. How well can the students cope-up with ICSE if they are from a different board?
  22. Ans: Students will manage with the guidance and support of teachers.
  23. Which are the grades for which admission can be sought?
  24. Ans:  LKG to Grade 8th for Day boarders and class 6th to 8th for Residential students.
  25. What are the documents required for admission?
  26. Ans: Visit school website admission process or contact School Office.
  27. What is the class strength?
  28. Ans: Class strength is 35-40
  29. What is teacher-student ratio?
  30. Ans:  Teacher-student ratio is 1: 20.
  31. Does school give importance to extra-curricular activities?
  32. Ans: Yes. The school gives importance to extra-curricular activities.
  33. How do you inculcate values among students?
  34. Ans: During morning assembly teachers educate students by moral stories, celebrating various National       Festivals, speech by personality development trainers etc.
  35. How do you monitor and motivate slow learners?
  36. Ans:  Improving students through personal attention.
  37. Do you give importance to Sports?
  38. Ans: Sports hour is provided to hostel students from 3: 50 pm to 4:50 pm daily.
  39. When does the school commence?
  40. Ans: The School will commence in the month of June.
  41. What is the school’s current strength?
  42. Ans: The School’s current strength is 1625.
  43. What are the timings of the school?
  44. Ans: 9:00 am to 3:50 pm for all the students.
  45. What security measures have you taken in the school?
  46. Ans: Installment of CCTV as per the state government rules, fire extinguishers, and child helpline number is    displayed in each and every corner of the school.
  47. How does the school ensure the safety of its scholars in a co-educational environment?
  48. Ans:  Student Counselor is appointed to guide students.
  49. What is your policy on discipline and other matters?
  50. Ans: Regular exercise, Morning Prayer, Evening Bhajan and meditation.
  51. Do you have career counseling in your school?
  52. Ans: Yes, for class 10 students we are conducting programmes on career guidance every year.
  53. Are you participating in inter school and national level competitions?
  54. Ans: Yes. We are participating in inter school and national level competitions.
  55. Any other hidden charge other than the one’s mentioned in the fee structure?
  56. Ans:  No other hidden charge other than the one’s mentioned in the fee structure.
  57. What are the facilities you offer at the hostel?
  58. Ans: Hot water, hygienic vegetarian food and hobby classes for students to relax. Sweets will be provided on every Sundays.
  59. To whom I have to contact in the school?
  60. Ans:  Office, Principal, Administrative Officer, Vice principal and Warden.
  61. How old is the school?
  62. Ans : The school is 23 years old.
  63. Are the teachers qualified?
  64. Ans : Yes. The teachers are qualified.
  65. How big is the campus?
  66. Ans : The campus is of 40 acres.
  67. From which regions students are there?
  68. Ans :  Students are from all over Karnataka and neighboring states.
  69. What is the boys and girls ratio?
  70. Ans :  The boys and girls ratio is 3: 1.
  71. Does the classroom have digital interactive boards?
  72. Ans : Yes. All the classrooms have digital interactive boards.
  73. Are the classrooms equipped with air conditioner?
  74. Ans: No. classrooms are well ventilated.
  75. What are the results of class 10 board exams?
  76. Ans: We are getting 100% result from past 17 years.
  77. What about purchase of toilet articles and stationeries?
  78. Ans : ‘Nidhi’ stores in school campus provides toilet articles and stationeries.
  79. What about medical facilities?
  80. Ans: Doctor visits for regular checkup.