• Parents are requested to watch and guide their children’s studies at home. Children need constant attention and encouragement to enable them to improve their performance.
  • Please send your child to school every day. Don’t allow a child to be absent except for health reasons or such exceptionally valid reasons. However, don’t send a child to school if he/she is suffering from any illness. A child with contagious or infectious disease should not be sent to school till he/she recovers fully.
  • Criticism of your child’s teachers or the School in his/ her presence should be avoided because children lose respect for their teachers and consequently fail to learn from them. Any misunderstanding can be personally discussed with the teacher concerned and the Principal.
  • Parents must come and pick up their children, if required between school hours. The children will not be permitted to go if a mere note is sent in the school diary.
  • The school reserves the right to dismiss a pupil on the ground of irregular attendance, disobedience to teacher and objectionable behavior within the school premises.
  • Co-operation of the parents in all matters regarding the running of the school is solicited. Without this, the efficient and smooth working of the school will be hampered.
  • Home is the first school for children and the second is the school itself. A child’s Life is shaped by both. The healthier the co-operation between the two, the more fruitful will be the efforts.
  • Students are not allowed to bring chocolates to the school even on their birthday also (sweets are allowed).
  • Parents are not allowed to enter the classrooms. Parents can meet the teachers on all working days between 02:00 pm to 04:00 pm.
  • While every care is taken to protect your child against mishap within the school premises, the school does not accept any responsibility for such happenings. Immediate first aid will be administered and the child may even be sent to hospital for treatment if necessary. Hospital bills should be paid by the parents/guardians.
  • Neither re-test will be arranged nor will rescheduling of tests/exams be done for any student on account of his /her absence from a test/exam/any part of it.
  • Students will not be allowed to appear for the examination unless all the school dues have been cleared.
  • Marks report card and T.C. will not be handed over until and unless all the dues are cleared.
  • If a child has to be absent, leave must be applied by filling the form given in the diary. If the leave required is for more than three days a formal leave application has to be sent through the child addressed to the Principal which is to be signed by parents/wardens.
  • It is compulsory for the students to submit project works/assignments by the prescribed time.
  • Students shall not buy and supply any item to the inmates of the school hostel.
  • Girls are permitted to wear black hair clips or bands for two plaits, red sticker, black or white thin bangles only. Colourful hair clips, bands etc., are not permitted. Decorative items like ornaments, bangles, expensive watches etc., are discouraged as they go against the very objective of the School Uniform. During color dress time Girls should wear decent dress with full or half sleeves.