The mission of the Trust is:

  • To create a “home away from home” atmosphere by developing excellent quality infrastructure and other facilities enabling students to consider learning as a pleasure.
  • To achieve integrated development emphasizing on physical, intellectual, ethical, cultural, spiritual, scientific and moral aspects with vocational training.
  • To inculcate the ideals of self-reliance, social service, determination, dedication and devotion.
Having this great vision as a mission, anchored by a group of educationist and philanthropists the Trust established the following institutions:
  • SRI SIDDHIVINAYAKA RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL (SSRS) for Boys and Girls during 1995.
These schools, which are brain child of Prathistana, aims to provide a comprehensive education to transform a child into an educated boy and a youth with leadership qualities, the transformation from ‘what can you do for me’ to ‘what I can do for you’. The most important objective is to inculcate in students the spirit of self- reliance and confidence.   This is to create a band of good citizens who are the wealth of the nation. With this noble thought these strong educational institutions are established with the blessings of Sri Siddhivinayaka of Hattiangadi.
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School emblem represents the core ideology of the institution. Our emblem has a yellow shield and a red shield placed within. The school’s name and its location stated within the shield.  The yellow shield has a book, star and a lamp. The book and the lamp are in green color, the significance of this is that the lamp lights the book of knowledge thereby kindling our consciousness to a new awakening. The star which is in red depicts the inherent potential of each child which can be made to shine and brighten up their path. The phrase “Nahi Jnanena Sadrusham”, means there is nothing better than knowledge which can purify our mind, our soul and our spirit.

The school symbol can convey a powerful message and we wanted to portray our core values within the symbol. The symbols are a globe, an image of students emerging and reaching out to the circle which symbolizes sky, meaning to say for students learning in our school the sky is the limit. They get empowered to reach to new heights. The rising Sun represents the young minds that unleash their hidden talents and give rise to their creativity. The tag line “The Future Begins Here” is self explanatory depicting the life of a student. The symbol also carries the school name and the place it is located in.