The school maintains its own transport system to bring students from many places in and around Kundapura. There are 15 well maintained buses for the comfortable journey of students. Bus routes and schedules are prepared after an intensive route study, considering the convenience of the students. All our school buses are furnished with Speed Governor, Global Positioning System (GPS), Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), Fire- Extinguishers and First Aid boxes to ensure the protection of the students. The students and parents must strictly adhere to the rules of the transportation. Such as,

  • Parents are not allowed to accompany the children to the school by the school vehicles.
  • Students are requested to keep to the school vehicle timings and should wait at the left side (door side) of the vehicle to board in the mornings.
  • Parents of all children shall accompany the child and help the child board the bus in the morning and receive the child by waiting on the left side (door side) of the vehicle in the evenings. Parents are requested to keep to the vehicle timings.
  • Children have a tendency to run as soon as they get down from the buses. Parents of children are therefore requested to come and hold the children when they alight from the bus and move forward or go across the road only after the school bus has left. This is very important from the point of view of safety.
  • Parents are requested to educate the children in matters of road safety; and show them the right example when using the road or driving a vehicle.